Map of the Lake Ranch

Map of Lake RanchThis is the Lake Ranch ... okay, maybe not really. It is only a rough draft which presents the approximately position of the ranch and the pastures.
This drawing is really not true to scale, the ranch itself is not in the middle of the area but more in the east, the most biggest pastures are in the northwest of the ranch. And of course there are no gaps between the pastures ;-)

Once again for people who did not read the first page:
Lake Ranch spans over 6,000 acres, surrounded by canyons, valleys, forests, creeks and wide open, spacious plains. It is shared in seventeen pastures, each pasture has 300 or 400 acres. 

one of the buttes There are three or four small mountains (the buttes) in the east of the ranch. They are, beside Devils Tower, the only mountains in this whole area, therefor they are very useful as guideline to find the way back to the ranch. Devils Tower is situated ca. seven miles away from the ranch.
Nearby the ranch is a beautiful small lake. Unfortunately the swimmers have to step through some mud before reaching the water.
the new buildingThe ranch itself has an old ranch house (a for this area typical simple wooden hut), a stable, some paddocks, a barn and a new building, which is special build for the guests. It has eight rooms, a saloon and restaurant and a big kitchen. Furthermore they did build a new round pen and an arena for horseback riding, roping, cutting and things like that.
Around the ranch are some "smaller" pastures - each of them still bigger than the pastures we have in Germany.
The branding corral (where the calves are branded in spring) is some miles away from the ranch since the cattle stay on the pastures around there in winter time. That way they do not have to be driven so far for branding.
The a little bit more light colored pastures on the drawing are owned by neighbors. You can horseback ride there too but as a guest you do not always know, if the neighbor likes that - some neighbors are not happy about City Slickers between their cattle ...
Some pastures are signed with ??? - I do not know if they are Lake Ranch pastures or neighbors pastures.
The "main street" is a good built gravel way (is this the right English word???) which brings you after 10 miles to the next public main road. Using this street you reach Hulet after 7 miles or Moorcraft after approximately 20 miles in the other direction. There is nothing more. Here or there one lonesome house or a lonesome ranch.

Saloon of HuletHulet has a small shop, a simple restaurant and a saloon - this is the nearest place for shopping for the ranch. If you just want to buy a beer or a postcard you have to drive seventeen miles ... 

The next airport is situated in Rapid City (South Dakota), approximately 160 miles away from Lake Ranch. This is the only place for "bigger" shoppings too.

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