Who is who at Lake Ranch

Monte Monte, the Rancher

The boss. He doesn't live at the Ranch but somewhere nearer at a school since his kids have to go there.
But his Ranch is his Job - therefor he is there daily to look for if everything is going right. ;-)

Max on Roani Max, the Wrangler

The "real" cowboy. He doesn't speak a lot and rides on horseback only few time. A real modern cowboy - they drive a Pick up or a 4-Wheeler.
But anyway - while riding he likes to play with his rope :-)

Luca Luca and Ferdinando, the Partners Ferdinando

They are both Italians and Partner of Monte for the guests. They look for the guests and promote the Ranch. In season (April till October) they stay at the Ranch, in wintertime they go back to Italy to make the advertising for the Ranch.

Greg on Blacky Greg, the Horsebreaker

One more "real" cowboy. He breaks the young horses of the Lake Ranch. Therefore he was really busy and built a round pen and an arena - with the help of Max and a lot of beer ...
He is always in a good mood, sometimes he likes to play his guitar and sings some great songs.

Keith, the man for everything

His job is to fix the fences and repair everything at the house. Additional he makes a lot of interesting sight seeing tours with the guests.
In wintertime he drives with his motorhome (he is very proud about his motorhome!) to California to live there.

Liz, the cook

She is from England (and sometimes you can taste it ...) and also only in season on the Ranch.

Romana on Macaroni Romana and Elena, the girls for everything

The both Italian veterinary students help Liz cooking and making the house work. Romana stayed at the Ranch till the middle of July, then she went back to Italy and Elena arrived.
Elena was on another Ranch for some weeks and therefor knows a lot about cattle work.


And besides ...
a longhorn ... Longhorn, the mascot

He is only there to be once a radiator mascot or some decoration a wall ...

a lot of cattle :-) Cattle - the main actors

They only ate grass or were driven by us. More then 1,000 of them live at Lake Ranch. Most of them are steers which are bought as calves in the Spring. There are ca. 200 mother cows too.

Reservation Rocket :-) Reservation Rocket, the ranch car

It was broken most the time and everyone was allowed to look in the motor.
But with his radiator mascot it was even in Hulet an attraction!

mares with colts
the riding horses
Horses, the most important ;-)

Ca. 20 horses for riding were there the time I stayed at Lake Ranch, some more were still on another pasture. Some are own breeded (most of them Quarters or half Quarters), some of them are bought in indian reservations.
Every horse has his own character but one thing was always the same: they were a life insurance for the rider. There was nothing what could drive them crazy.

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